Areas of expertise |


With the growth and strengthening of the Brazilian economy, the internationalization of legal relations, and the consolidation of Brazil as Latin America′s headquarter, demands have become more sophisticated and complex, which provided a radical change in the profile of the modern lawyer and consequent heating of the legal market.

Such scenario, coupled with the significant volume of professionals who graduate each year, the need for corporations and law firms to seek a highly specialized recruitment for identifying qualified professionals grows continually.

Therefore, by using the technical training and expertise of our partners in the legal market, VITTORE Partners was created to assist our clients in identifying the best professionals in the legal area.

Our areas of greatest demand are:

  • Environmental Law and Agribusiness
  • Banking
  • Civil Law and Arbitration
  • Contract Law
  • Economic and Antitrust Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • International law
  • Public Law
  • Infrastructure and Regulatory Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Labor and Social Security Law
  • Capital Markets
  • Intellectual Property