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Managing Partner

Raul Cury Neto believes in partnership, transparency and personalization when it comes to the relationship with clients and market professionals. His main motivation when envisioning VITTORE Partners was to provide services that only a boutique can offer, ensuring expert advice, long-term relationship, commitment and a personalized service.

Bachelor of Law from Universidade Paulista (2000) with a Graduate Degree in Corporate Labor Law from the Centro de Extensão Universitária (2004), Raul began his career in the chemical company Rhodia as a trainee in the legal department.

Afterwards, he was a lawyer for seven years for Rocha e Barcellos Advogados - a renowned law firm from São Paulo specialized in Business Law. As a senior counselor, he focused on Labor Law and his main clients were large companies from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors in the country.

At the end of 2007, he was invited by the local board of a multinational recruitment company to join the start-up team of the Legal expertise in Brazil. Raul was part of the building, structuring and solidification of the division and was responsible for leading several projects in key areas of law, assisting law firms, national and multinational companies, and financial institutions in search of professionals in the Brazilian legal market.

As a division leader and after achieving recognition in the legal market in Brazil, Raul extended his expertise and started to recruit for the markets of Compliance and Government Affairs - two very new areas in the country, but of extremely complex and demanding nature. These areas require highly trained professionals with legal experience and background, as well as total fluency in languages - mainly English and Spanish.

Raul Cury Neto was born in 1975, is married, has a son and speaks English - a language he mastered during the year he lived in the United States studying at Arcadia University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

E-mail: rcury@vittorepartners.com.br

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Managing Partner

To service clients and professionals alike in a specialized and personalized manner was the main reason for Bruno Lourenço to envision VITTORE Partners. For him, treating both the same way and understanding the motivations and characteristics of the moment of each side is essential to the success of a recruiter.

Bachelor of Law from the Universidade Católica de Santos (2005), Bruno holds a Graduate Degree in International Law from the Dutch Hague Academy of International Law (2005). Early in his career, he worked in a foreign trade company and for the Public Attorney′s Office of the city of Santos.
As of 2006, he began his corporate career at Ernst & Young (EY) and conducted assessments and analysis related to the reduction of the tax impact on international transactions of goods and tax incentives granted by Brazilian states. He also examined the feasibility of international tax planning in various multinational companies.

After two years, Bruno was invited by the local board of a multinational recruitment company to join the start-up team of the Taxation division in Brazil. As a leader of the area, he was responsible for hiring executives for large law firms and national and multinational companies.

He assisted in the implementation of non-existing strategic positions in the Brazilian tax market, such as Regional Directors and Managers (LATAM). After four years, leading the Taxation expertise in Brazil, Bruno also took the lead in the areas of financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

Bruno Lourenço is married, was born in 1983 and is fluent in English.

E-mail: blourenco@vittorepartners.com.br

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Erica Andrade holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade da Universidade de São Paulo/FEA-USP (2009) and another one in Business Administration from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo/PUC-SP (2010).

She began her career as a trainee at J.P. Morgan and, in 2009, joined the executive search market acting as a researcher at FIT HR Consulting, where she led projects mostly for financial institutions.

In 2011, she was invited to act as consultant for the Accountancy & Finance division in the São Paulo office of a multinational company specialized in recruitment.

By working for companies of all sizes in all sectors of the economy, Erica led projects in financial planning, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and valuation. She later migrated to the Taxation division where she extended her knowledge of tax and tax planning and the complete legal routine.

Erica was born in 1986 and is fluent in French - a language she mastered during her last year at FEA-USP when studying at the AIX Marseille Université (France).

Her greatest satisfaction in working with Executive Search is the long-term relationship established with her clients and professionals in her contacts network.

E-mail: eandrade@vittorepartners.com.br

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Tauan Mendonça holds a Bachelor of Law from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (2010) and Business Management graduate student at Fundação Dom Cabral.

He began his career while in college by joining major law firms with great recognition in the legal and business environments of Brazil such as Sergio Bermundes Advogados, Edgard Leite Advogados, and Veirano Advogados. Tauan worked primarily with strategic civil litigation recovery proceedings.

In 2011, interested in developing a career in Executive Search, he was invited to join the Legal, Compliance & Government Affairs team of a large multinational company specialized in recruitment. As a consultant, he led projects in these three expertise for legal departments of companies of all sizes and sectors, law firms, and financial institutions.

Tauan has the exchange of experiences, long-term relationship, and the ability to effectively assist in the professional career of the candidates as his biggest motivations as recruiter.

Tauan Mendonça was born in 1986 and is fluent in English - a language he mastered by living for a year in Salisbury, a town in the English county of Wiltshire, and in German, which he studied in Trier, Germany, where he attended his junior year of Law School at Universität Trier.

E-mail: tmendonca@vittorepartners.com.br