About VITTORE Partners |

Value Proposition and Highlights


Our partners are professionals with solid experience and expertise in the four areas that we service, who deeply understand the need of our clients and provide greater assertiveness and speed in hiring as well as complete impartiality in the selection processes.

Advisory work
Due to our specialization and expertise, we provide a clear and comprehensive view of the market, helping our clients to define profiles, draw the structure and create the policies to attract and retain.
Proximity and flexibility
We work closely with our client and are completely flexible in providing personalized service to meet the specific needs of each project.
Ethics and transparency
We are also responsible for the career development of the professionals and have ethics and transparency as basic principles in conducting selection processes. We believe that the candidates of today are our clients of tomorrow.
Partnership and long-term relationship
We know how important the work of an Executive Search is in the corporate world. We believe there are no effective results nor success without a long and lasting relationship with clients and professionals.
Projects and references
We insist on presenting the main projects carried out by our partners in each of the areas, as well as on making available the professional contacts that provide reference on our work.
Privacy and confidentiality
We guarantee that all information, data and business strategies of your company shared with us will be treated strictly confidential.